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GDPR for Recruiters: Free Webinar

With the GDPR now in place, WorkPlaceLive is pleased to invite its customers in the recruitment sector to a webinar with a guest speaker who is an expert in recruitment. 

This one off webinar focuses on specific questions of how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed the way in which recruitment companies do business.

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IT Directors - Architects or Plumbers?
IT Directors - Architects or Plumbers?

An IT Director can mean many things especially in small and medium size organizations; however, I would like to suggest that we could broadly classify IT Directors in two categories – the architect and the plumber.

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Choosing A Data Centre When Security Is The Priority

A key component of the services provided by WorkPlaceLive is its data centre – and the decision had to be made whether to host this in-house or look for a provider.

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