Charities having adequate IT security
Charities having adequate IT security

JOSEPH BLASS, chief executive officer of IT and telephony provider WORKPLACELIVE, urges charities to address IT security issues such as ransomware.

Thinking about the vulnerability of charities to malicious IT disruption, how is it that so many organisations were caught unprepared for the recent major ransomware attack? Is it that they all had the latest security, but the criminals were one step ahead?  Or perhaps the organisations affected had not implemented the appropriate levels of security? 

Charities were really lucky not to have been hit by the ransomware attack particularly as so many do have an interface with the NHS and it could have taken just one infected email from a trusted NHS source to have caused havoc. Ransomware and other malicious attacks affecting charity IT systems, whether deliberately targeted or as a result of secondary infection, must be regarded by charity managements as key risks which have to be addressed 
It goes without saying that there is the fundamental risk of a charity's systems becoming inoperable with a dramatic impact on the charity's ability to carry out its activities. Then there is the threat to the security of the charity's funds. Financial systems are at risk of manipulation resulting in theft. 

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