Cloud Computing Options For IT Support Companies

Refer, White Label, or go it alone?

IT support companies not yet offering cloud computing are likely to be discussing how they can take advantage of it for themselves - as an increasingly essential new offering - and for their customers. 

Some customers will be wondering if the cloud is right for them and, if so, what can their support provider do about it. 

The options

-  Partner with a cloud services provider and refer, or white label as a reseller. Either is suited to IT support companies that don’t have the IT infrastructure, expertise or investment in place to be able to offer a service without partnering.

-  Go it alone and provide everything from in-house.    

With referral, partners’ customers purchase a service from the cloud services provider directly. The provider owns and manages all projects end to end and pays commission to the IT support company.

With white labelling, the reseller re-badges and sells the provider’s range of cloud computing, cyber security and VoIP telephony services in its entirety, or part thereof, after buying at discounted prices. Support is available where the reseller asks the provider for help because it lacks expertise, knowledge, experience or resources.  

Referral and white labelling each allow IT support companies to retain [and win!] customers, rather than face the prospect of losing business to a cloud services provider.     

Whatever route is taken, what should an IT support company look for when choosing a partner?

The answers and guidance below are by WorkPlaceLive, a well established provider of cloud computing with an excellent track record and customer references.

WorkPlaceLive [] was established in 2005 and has roots as an IT company going back to 1996.  WorkPlaceLive hold the ISO 27001 accreditation; the international gold standard for information security management which helps guarantee the integrity of customer data and information in the entire life cycle of a project.

As a top tier provider of cloud computing and VoIP telephony, WorkPlaceLive ensures the ethos of that standard runs throughout the business, including in its secure primary and secondary data centres.

Track record. Does the provider have a lengthy track record in cloud computing, a proven focus on quality and a deep understanding of IT? 

High end physical security.  Are the provider’s data centres safeguarded by perimeter fencing, security personnel, strict enforcement of access control regimes and smoke and forced entry alarm systems?

Minimal downtime.  Is downtime kept it to a minimum through the use of a secondary data centre, which takes over from the primary date centre - if required - to ensure business continuity?

Cyber security.  Does the provider use enterprise-grade tools and options that absolutely minimise threats by viruses, malware [including ransomware], dangerous websites – and hacking?  

Think reliability and peace of mind - and confidence in the provider

By choosing a provider like WorkPlaceLive, referrers and white labelling resellers can offer solutions to their customers in the knowledge that (i) security measures of all types are enterprise-grade and supported by ISO 27001 accreditation described above (ii) all hardware, from dual centre backups to servers, is high end and therefore optimally reliable (iii) business continuity is given a high priority (iii) the cloud offerings are fully scalable to help ensure that every project is fit for purpose (iv) the provider has knowledge and expertise that are at the disposal of the partners – and can help projects happen [and on time] where appropriate (v) the data centres are staffed 24/7 by skilled support personnel. 

Through working with WorkPlaceLive, resellers and referrers can take advantage of the company’s depth and breadth of experience to reach decisions more quickly - and decisively - on what is best for the customer.  

IT support companies interested in referring or white labelling should contact WorkPlaceLive now to be best prepared for enquiries from customers and prospects alike.  


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