Is Microsoft Office 365 right for you?

By now you would have heard of Microsoft Office 365 and if you are reviewing your organisation’s IT arrangements then you may be wondering if it’s the most appropriate solution for you. The answer to this question is “Maybe”; there are alternatives and they include Microsoft’s Outlook and Office installed on in-house servers or cloud-based hosted desktops. 

Microsoft Office 365 could be the answer to your organisation’s needs and one cannot generalize as to which kind of organisation this might suit. If you have a small number of IT users and no Active Directory, Office 365 might be for you, but also conversely, in a larger organisation as a hybrid solution if you require your email and Microsoft Office suite in the cloud.

The expression ‘ask an Expert’ is a cliché for a reason however, you need to understand your expert before taking their opinion to heart. It’s critical for your advisors to have an objective viewpoint. 

It is a natural reaction for providers to give their recommendations based on the services they offer. This can make an already daunting process even more fraught. For example, a local IT support person will naturally recommend that you continue with local infrastructure and services.  However a specialist in Office 365 might recommend that solution whether it’s suitable for your needs or not. 

The best people to go to when considering what is ideal for your organisation are companies that can offer the full range of Microsoft Office services and will advise on what is best for you. If, for example, you were considering Google Docs, vs. Microsoft services, WorkPlaceLive would be subjective as we always recommend Microsoft and believe that 1.2 billion users choose Microsoft* for good reasons.

Only if it is right

Joseph Blass, CEO, WorkPlaceLive, says “We will recommend that you use Microsoft Office – there’s no doubt about that, but the flavour of Microsoft that we recommend will vary according to your organisation’s genuine needs because we offer many flavours. Although Office 365 is an excellent solution for many organisations, we will suggest it only if it is right for a specific customer, otherwise we might suggest a Hosted Desktop or supporting local infrastructure.”

“WorkPlaceLive is a rarity in that we are a top tier third party with a lengthy track record in providing impartial advice about all aspects of IT – encompassing many varieties of Microsoft Office, on-site support and hosted services.” 

“We grow mainly through referrals and recommendations – testimony to our track record in liaising closely with customers and making unbiased recommendations - and completing projects to deadline and within budget.”

Working with the customer

“Where WorkPlaceLive recommends the Office 365 approach, it’s because we consider it to be the most appropriate offering for the customer, not because it is the only offering.  And, as ever, we will have worked with the customer when deciding what’s best for them”. 

“WorkPlaceLive provide unbiased advice based on our breadth of knowledge and long track record in providing a wide range of solutions. We are a confirmed reliable source of advice. Whether we recommend local support of on-site servers, Microsoft 365 and Azure or our own hosted desktops and telephony solutions, you can feel confident that after assessing your needs will ensure you go forward with the service that is right for you”.

Business Insider state: “Microsoft hasn't announced its total number of business customers for Office 365, although it did say last month that monthly active employee users grew to 60 million. While that's a lot of people, it's a drop in the bucket compared to the estimated 1.2 billion people that use Microsoft Office”.

Whichever direction an organisation chooses, WorkPlaceLive will be able to advise and support their IT transition and ensure the customer can feel secure that they have received safe counsel at time when the options can appear overwhelming.


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