Charities being able to adopt the necessary IT security

JOSEPH BLASS, chief executive officer of IT and telephony provider WorkPlaceLive, says charities need to address the range of security issues related to the use of IT whether directly via their own efforts or via the hosted desktops aspect of cloud computing.

Whether your charity handles its IT, and data and information security – and backups – in-house, or has outsourced it all to the cloud, a basic truth is as follows: ironically, improvements in anti-virus software - provided the software is regularly updated - mean that, 99% of the time, charities are not exposed to viruses and as a result are taken by surprise when receiving a malicious attachment. 

Viruses and associated ransomware are as insidious and tenacious as ever, though, and there is no lack of malicious attempts to use them, but good gatekeeping can keep the majority at bay.

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