Is Your Organisation Cloud-Ready?

When your organisation's IT or Telephony is faltering or simply up for renewal, it can be a daunting and costly project to resolve. Do you update your current arrangements, perhaps by replacing a server, PBX or other hardware or do you go for a complete overhaul and step into the realms of 'The Cloud'?

A hosted desktop provides you the best of both worlds. While the solution is completely cloud-based, with all the benefits of security, flexibility and cost saving, the desktop has the look and feel of the familiar server based solution.

WorkPlaceLive was the one of the first Hosted Desktop providers in the UK and as such, we are well placed to offer advice and support, whether you are hoping to review, improve or completely overhaul your IT and telephony arrangements. 

Take your first steps to an efficient, reliable and cost effective IT service today by:

1.    Downloading our FREE new article: ‘Preparing for the Cloud – A Guide’ 
Designed to give you an overview of what you need to consider and why The Cloud is the best option when renewing your IT.

2.    Contact us to arrange your Free IT Cost Reduction Audit. 
We can give you an outline of the anticipated cost reduction that your organisation would expect to achieve by moving your IT and/or telephony to The Cloud.

It is often easier to stay with what you know but instead, this could be your opportunity to benefit from the huge IT advances that have been made since the old fashioned office-based server or telephony switch were the norm.

Contact us today to get a valuable insight into the many benefits of cloud-hosted IT services.


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