Cloud Security and Business Attitudes

A PwC survey claims most businesses don’t check their cloud provider’s security measures.

Companies are taking a major risk with their data when it comes to using cloud computing, according to a new survey.

Read the article here on the Cloud Pro website.

WorkPlaceLive's Paul Aldridge responds.

"Yes, they are quite right about firms not checking what security is in place.  However, we at WorkPlaceLive will always ask any Charity customer if they need to comply with any Regulatory requirements i.e: IG Compliance BIL(3).

In some cases even the customers coming to us are not aware they need to consider some of these Regulatory requirements. We try to work with all of our potential new customers, to explore what they may require, and ensure that the solution supplied is tailor-made to ensure they are meeting and ticking all the boxes.

We will not just setup a cloud based system and leave it to the customer to decide what they may need, we inform them of what we supply security-wise and then find out what they need. We are currently working though our ISO 27001 to show that we take security seriously."


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