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Access your files from anywhere, even from a plane or a train!
Access your files from anywhere, even from a plane or a train!

How can you work in the Cloud without an internet connection?

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Unified communications deliver integrated VoIP and cloud computing – and more

“Unified communications” [UC] is much more than just a technical-sounding buzzword. It delivers hard, tangible benefits - including VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] telephony integrated with cloud computing - to charities and SMEs alike, and helps change the way people work.

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Cloud Computing, Cyber Security & Data Protection: What You Need To Know

By now most if not all of you will have heard of cloud computing [or “the cloud”] – and risks posed to computer users everywhere by cyber attacks, hacking, viruses and malware. You may also have been reading about a cyber security skills shortage and wondering how it might impact business.

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