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Understanding And Creating A Mobile Work Culture In An On-Demand World

Moving from a long-established, traditional work culture, in which staff are employed for a fixed number of hours in a workplace that might be the same building for years or decades, to a mobile paradigm of employment, might appear daunting.

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Not so fantastic Mr Fox: How the cloud enables British business to work harder than ever

During a speech at a Conservative Way Forward event on September 9, Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, said that Britain had become “too lazy and too fat”, with businessmen preferring “golf on a Friday afternoon” to trying to boost the country’s prosperity.

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Securing Data In The Age Of Cloud Computing

Professionally run data backup and storage strategies are a must for many organisations, but they are not the whole story when it comes to securing data. In the age of the cloud computing and its wide range of options, including hosted desktops, what should data safeguarding strategies look like?

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