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GDPR - Cloud Computing Can Help Achieve Strong Data Security
GDPR - Cloud Computing Can Help Achieve Strong Data Security

GDPR computing can help achieve strong data security through enterprise-grade tools and measures, and preventing inappropriate access to data and information

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How Cloud Operators Can Help Mitigate The Onerous Tasks Of GDPR Responsibilities
How Cloud Operators Can Help Mitigate The Onerous Tasks Of GDPR Responsibilities

With the onset of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May 2018, data protection requirements will become more stringent. The responsibilities placed on an organisation relating to the data it holds will be two-fold:

•As a data controller (where the organisation enters and maintains personal data), the organisation must comply with rules concerning consent, access and transfer-ability
•As a data processor [where the organisation holds data on its own servers] it must follow regulation by ensuring high level cyber security, physical hardware security, strict backup regimes, firewalls and auditing. For example, a data processor is responsible for monitoring the access to the physical equipment on which the data sits, and the route the data takes to be processed. A good way of doing this is to produce an access control policy, which clearly sets out roles and rights of staff members, only allowing staff with sufficient rights the ability to access system.
What’s an organisation to do?

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Switching from PBX to cloud-based telephony can achieve much more than cost savings

Thinking of saving on PBX hardware costs and call charges by switching to cloud-based telephony [VoIP]? The benefits range beyond the immediate financial to include operational performance improvements across the enterprise – SME or charity – when VoIP is integrated with Unified Communications [UC], hosted desktops and CRM.

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