Enhanced Security ProductsEnhanced Security Products
  • IT security is paramount and WorkPlaceLive customers can benefit from Enterprise Grade Security and daily backups to dual data-centres located in the UK .

    We are now also offering Encrypted Email, Web Filtering, End Point Device Management & Dual Factor Authentication.

    • Symantec Email Safeguard (MessageLabs)

    • Encrypted Email

    • Web Filtering

    • Dual Factor Authentication

    • End Point Device Management

Benefits of Enhanced Security

As a leading cloud provider, WorkPlaceLive ensure that your working environment is extremely safe. WorkPlaceLive has the ability to provide you with enhanced security facilities and a great deal more, all managed centrally and giving you the peace of mind that you are not only fully protected in the cloud but also on your physical devices.

Symantec Email Safeguard (MessageLabs)

Filter emails and protect yourself from targeted attacks and unwanted messages. This product is designed to provide 100% protection against known and unknown virus.

Encrypted Email

WorkPlaceLive are now offering the additional service of encrypting emails even once they leave our system. This service is not required by every organisation however, this service may be for you if you feel that your organisation may suffer if emails are intercepted by unauthorised people or if you wanted a degree of audit and control once your email reaches its recipient.

Web Filtering

Cloud based web filtering helps protect your organisation from Web-borne threats and enables the control, monitoring and enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies with minimal impact on end user experience. URL filtering policies reduce web misuse and blocks access to inappropriate materials as well as any other website your organisation wishes to exclude.

Dual Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification, one of which is typically a physical token, such as a card and the other which is usually memorised, such as a code.
With Workplacelive’s Dual Factor service, physical tokens are not required: all you need to have is your mobile phone which is usually a device kept close at hand.
The technology is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry mobile devices as well as most tablets, PC’s and Mac’s. Tokens can also be emailed if required as well.

End Point Device Management

End Point Device Management Solutions offer the ability to ensure all of your devices are protected with the latest security patches.
WorkPlaceLive has the ability to provide you with these facilities and a great deal more, all managed centrally and giving you the peace of mind that you are not only fully protected in the cloud but also on your physical devices.

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