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WorkPlaceLive uses cloud technology to provide its customers with a seamless solution for all of their IT needs. With a WorkPlaceLive Hosted Desktop, an organisation can have secure access to all their files and favourite software via any internet connection, anywhere, whether they are on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android or other internet enabled device. Licensing updates, dual-centre backups and support are all included in a low cost monthly fee, which is scalable to each customer's needs.

Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Virtual Desktop is the new generation of desktop computing which utilises Cloud Technology.

Our Hosted Desktops enable companies to benefit from enterprise grade IT at much lower costs than those associated with traditional, locally installed, server based IT.

Services are bundled together and delivered monthly per user on a low, affordable pay-as-you-go-basis, with all your Software and Data available to you  whenever you need, wherever you are.

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Hosted Exchange

Our Hosted Exchange service offers all the facilities of an in-house server at a fraction of the cost. Benefit from shared mailboxes, contacts and calendars. 

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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy Services by WorkPlaceLive - Because when you are changing your Organisation's IT arrangements, you need experts.

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Hosted Telephony

The WorkPlaceLive Hosted VoIP System allows you to make telephone calls over the internet.

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"Grenfell wanted to modernise its IT infrastructure, improve the reliability of its technology and enable all staff to work remotely. " Grenfell Housing and Training
"We no longer have to worry about anti-virus software updates or that we have the latest software as it is all provided for us and managed by WorkPlaceLive." Ben Clarke, Wingate Financial Planning